Do you have eyes to see?

In today’s episode we discuss the question, “Do you have eyes to see?” We explore the many ways people who long to make a difference in their community can add value by  introducing the five roles need to activate change in a community. We have chosen to call all of those who have eyes to see the redemptive possibilities for people and places patrons. All patrons of places who long to make a difference wrestle with the questions, “where do I start?” and “what can I do?”. We hope this episode helps add value and give next steps to those who have a heart that harmonizes with the work of creating beauty from broken things.

Insights & Inspirations

  • The patron role really came out of what I had experienced in mentoring, coaching, and someone riding with me in the vehicle.
  • Patrons have the capacity to add value from one of five “I”s which are Influence, Ideas, Intercession, Implication, and Income.
  • We can all play a role in a redemptive work that’s going on in a community, and it’s finding where we fit in that work and then beginning just to take steps to start to step out there and try.
  • I think when we are approached by a lot of communities. Most start with the first two of those five “I’s” which are always investment and ideas. That seems to be the primary focus of most communities and they seem to miss a huge ask in the other three.
  • (Downtowns) We do feel like that it’s irreplaceable real estate and over time it becomes not just an average investment or only a good investment but an incredible investment.
  • (Things that bother us, splinters in our mind) it’s that invisible tug on you that won’t leave you alone. You’ll push it back but it’s a heightened sense of awareness of what good should be done, and it’s about “shoulds” and “oughts.”
  • Intercession. Nothing is accomplished without this longing for a place to be redeemed, and out of that longing to pray for it diligently.
  • How can your work help to repair, reorder or redeem your place?
  • Where can you be more intentional about in taking a redemptive posture about your place?

Information & Links

  • We’re putting together a council of patrons, we’re looking for people who are longing to see good and beauty in their community. For more information contact us at Redemptification – Connect
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