Having a Spiritual Mentor – Paul Estes

In this episode, John has a conversation with his longtime spiritual mentor to give us another behind the scenes look at how important discipleship and mentoring has been in his life.  Paul Estes has been in ministry for over 50 years and spoken all over the world. The church he founded, Christ Church International was established in 1989 by Paul and his wife in Dothan, Al. John and Ashely have been discipled and mentored by “Bro E” for 25 years. The value of having long-term covenant relationships has been a key to their personal and professional growth. They believe life is more caught than taught and if you want to grow wisdom then walking with wise men is the best way. After renovating 76 houses in his life he has always enjoyed renovations and real estate through a spiritual lens. The value Bro E has added to the lives of those around him through TV, Radio, web videos, and in person mentoring is immeasurable and we honor him for his faithful investment into the next generation.

Insights & Inspirations

  • Sometimes you can be right slap dab in the middle of God’s will, and you get into a terrible storm. I think it’s an indication that you’re going the right direction, that you feel pressure.  – Bro E
  • We didn’t start out in a ghetto but a garden!  – Bro E
  • So God’s viewpoint of elders is that we’re always looking forward with one part of our spirit man, but we’re also looking backwards seeing who can we bring along with me as I make this journey. – Bro E
  • It has been an amazing thing (to see) that teaching is a two edged sword. While anybody’s teaching somebody anything, they are also learning.  – Bro E
  • Mark 4:24, the scripture says “Be careful how you measure. Be careful how you hear.” And then it says “For with the measure that you measure, it will be measured to you again.” And I’m going, well wait a minute, I thought that was about hearing. No, it’s about what you do with what you hear. – Bro E
  • The abundant life of God is an ever unfolding flower. The blossoms are just beautiful as we get to understand that God has a plan for us, and it’s not just to get born again so we don’t have to go to hell. There’s a abundant living that he’s chosen for us on this earth. – Bro E
  • The whole ministry of Jesus is to mend broken things. – Bro E
  • A visionary doesn’t just say, oh that’s a mess, he says that’s a mess, I believe I can improve. (and make beautiful) – Bro E
  • It’s as important what it does in you as what it does for you.  – John
  • (I’ve learned) When you’re sensitive to the voice of God, God doesn’t scream at you. He doesn’t put it in neon lights and He doesn’t put a trailer behind a plane and fly across the air as the answer for you. He nudges you, and it’s always a soft nudge.- Bro E
  • I would just have to tell you and all your listeners, that everything, every blessing that has ever come into my life, I just stand and shake my head and say that was God. And I’m absolutely … I’m overwhelmed with His blessings. – Bro E
  • I want people to see their cities as opportunities, and that love makes a difference. – John
  • We’re on the front of a non-violent revolution to bring beauty into broken places. And to love cities, and to love places. That people might see the God that we serve in a whole different way. – John

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