New Story Charity and 3D Printing Houses – Brett Hagler

In this his episode John sits down with Co-Founder and CEO of New Story Charity, Brett Hagler. We discuss how New Story is bringing redemptification by building homes and communities in areas of extreme poverty. New Story, an innovative nonprofit founded in 2014 that builds homes and communities in the developing world. Brett’s a Y Combinator alum, 2016 Forbes 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur, author, speaker and cancer survivor. Fast Company recognized New Story as one of “The World’s Most Innovative Companies” in 2017 as a Top 10 nonprofit.

Insights & Inspirations

  • “no child should be born into an environment where regardless of how talented or intelligent or creative they are with their God-given gifts, all they can think about is just surviving in that environment. “ – Brett Hagler
  • “How can we use new innovations like 3D home printing or regenerative waste or just new ways to approach problems for families that need it most?” – Brett Hagler
  • “Why should the best technology innovation, care, creativity, and beauty be only given to the businesses (and not non-profits as well)? “ – John Marsh
  • “We should have intention in everything we do because we serve a creator that’s very intentional.”  – John Marsh
  • “…now I look at this and I understand it, but we weren’t just trying to bring redemptification to these tent slums and new communities that we’re building, but we were also really trying to bring redemptification to the traditional model and the approach and the standards (of charity organizations) that I felt were just not high enough in a lot of regards. “- Brett Hagler
  • “Our issue with that (most charities building housing) is that there is obviously no ownership in the design process. There is no dignity in the design process (often).” – Brett Hagler
  • “You’re creating flourishing by giving people a chance to bring their giftings and their opinions and valuing (them in the design process).” – John Marsh
  • “people are assets and not liabilities. If you put them in prisons, they feel like prisoners and you put them in palaces they feel like princes. “ – John Marsh
  • “One of the problems that I was aware of because I felt it… usually you wouldn’t know who it (giving) was helping, you wouldn’t know what percent was going (to them), and you would really know any of the end results of your donation. “ – Brett Hagler
  • “you can enter work with a redemptive posture.” – John Marsh
  • “God cares deeply about beauty.”  – John Marsh
  • “the redemptive work you’re (NewStory) doesn’t treat people who live in this poverty situation as themselves being poverty. That’s not who they are, it’s just where they are right now.”   – John Marsh
  • “Since really starting from nothing, in three and a half years we’ve now done about 2,000 homes for about 10,000 people.”- Brett Hagler
  • “we don’t think there’s enough testing in a nonprofit space…”- Brett Hagler
  • it’s more important who you’re with than what you’re doing.” – Doug Ditto / Jess Correll

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