The Best Day of Your Life – Wes Perry

Wes is a friend, mentor, client of our consulting and all around amazing man! Wes served as President of EGL Resources, Inc., an oil and gas operations company based in Texas and New Mexico, from January 1994 until July 2008, before becoming the Chief Executive Officer. He has also served as manager of PBEX, LLC since July 2012. Wes has served as a director of Genie Energy, Ltd. from September 2009 and is chairman of the audit committee. He also serves as Chairman of Genie Energy International Corporation. He served as a director of UTG, Inc. from July 2005 to June 2013. He served as a director of American Capital Insurance Company and Texas Imperial Life Insurance Company from 2006 to 2009 and as a director of Western National Bank from 2005 to 2009. Wes has owned and operated SES Investments, Ltd., an oil and gas investment company, since 1980. He served as the Mayor of Midland, Texas, from January 2008 through January 2014. He also served on the Midland City Council as an at-large council person from 2002 to 2008. Wes holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from the University of Oklahoma.

Insights & Inspirations

  • As you decide on how to do an investment, regardless of what it is, if it’s oil and gas, or real estate, or whatever, if you’re doing it with the best of people and people you can trust, it has a chance of being more successful than not. – Wes Perry
  • “Hey, my bank account’s bigger than it was yesterday.” That’s not necessarily success. Are you happier? Is your life more fulfilled? I mean those are the things that matter! – Wes Perry
  • When you’re deceived, you don’t know it. – John Marsh
  • I knew accumulating debt was not good for my health. – Wes Perry
  • How big is your core set of assets going to be and how much are you willing to risk of that in personal guarantees? -John Marsh
  • Debt takes its toll on your life, be it personally or whatever. It will affect you. – Wes Perry
  • Debt hurts, but (often times) you have to have it. It’s a dangerous tool that can help you, but it can turn on you really quick – Wes Perry
  • Three C’s of borrowing money are a character, cash flow, and credit. – John Marsh
  • You can’t make a good deal with a bad guy. – John Marsh
  • “You can’t judge your community by what’s going on in the big picture. How are the lowest 10% of your population doing? That’s how you judge your city.”  – Wes Perry
  • We don’t pay teachers anything but we expect them to do everything, right? I would always say, “I can prove it to you that you (teachers) are the hero.” I said, “How many of you guys had a mayor that made a big difference in their life?” You’d have two or three people raise their hand. I said, “Well, I appreciate you doing that, but I know it’s not true.” I said, “How many of you had a teacher that made a difference in their lives?” Of course, 3,000 hands go up. – Wes Perry
  • What could I do for the good of our city that would last 50 years and no one could undo it? – Wes Perry
  • I went into government the first time as a councilman, you kind of have a bias that you’ve got a bunch of lazy people working in the city, and they’re just bureaucrats, and they do this and that. Well, I found exactly the opposite. These people were dedicated public servants, from the police to the fire and down to the guy that picks up your trash. They could do anything they want to do, and they’ve chosen to do this profession. They’re not the highest paid. They’re totally ignored, and most of them get a lot of grief and a lot of complaints. They’re really good people. -Wes Perry
  • People look at your downtown and we think you’re going to treat us like you treat it!- John Marsh
  • Downtowns get you the opportunity for the engineered serendipity of bumping into someone. – John Marsh
  • “It’s a place where favor, passions, and giftings line up.” – John Marsh
  • We’ve somehow bifurcated our lives where we’re certain ways with these certain people, but how many times have you heard, “Well, it’s just business”? Well, it’s not just business. It’s our life. – Wes Perry
  • Just intentionally go somewhere where you can be touched deeply and see, see things you’re not seeing. – John Marsh
  • How do you stay happy all the time? Just simply, “I just get up every morning, go look in the mirror, and say, This is the best day of your life.” – Wes Perry

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