Meals and Mountains – Part 1

In this episode of the Redemptification Podcast John and Ty will be discussing the significance of meals and food in communities and the bible. “Meals” is part one of a two-part series “Meals & Mountains.”These ideas came for Steve Cockram of GiANT who wrote the book the Five Voices as John discussed how many powerful things happened in the bible and in our life around meals and on mountains. John and Ty discuss how these are environments that encourage miracles and create the perspective to shape lives and cities.

Insights & Inspirations

  • These (Meals and Mountains) are environments to encourage miracles. – John Marsh
  • I don’t know of a better traffic driver than an iconic restaurant at a place. – Ty Maloney
  • When a restaurant is done really well you have an alignment of a vision, a brand, and a story. -Ty Maloney
  • First, we get a story. What is this place? What’s this concept? Who are we targeting? Who are we serving? – Ty Maloney
  • Food is a momentum driver to a place. – John Marsh
  • Remember there’s a difference seeing somebody who builds a 747 and somebody who flies one. – John Marsh
  • Businesses take on the character and the clarity and the crazy of the operator. – John Marsh

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