Just Do Something, a talk with a lifelong mentor Don Martin

Don Martin (Mr. Martin) has been a mentor of John’s for over 25 years. His wisdom, integrity, insight, and care has been foundational for in helping John and so many others achieve incredible results in their life and work. His work journey is starting as a tire store manager and working his way to running the largest Real Estate company in the world at the time. He is a Former Executive Vice President Century 21 Real Estate International HQ, Veteran of Franchising, EVP of National Mortgage Banking company 7 yr, CoOwner Merchant Services Company 5 years, 6 years Coaching Small Business Owners. Currently managing operations for Generis, a nationwide consulting company providing services and products to Churches. For more information about his availability in private mentoring and coaching email Don directly at  Don@DonMartin.US .

Insights & Inspirations

  • As the old saying goes you always correct in private and you praise in public. – Don Martin
  • Most people never win because they never start. – Don Martin
  • It’s a constant course correction. – Don Martin
  • Just do something. I mean don’t sit around and wonder. Don’t sit around and think about it. Just get out of the chair and go do something and, as you get new information, change and adapt to the new environment and move. – Don Martin
  • Simplify and multiply  – Don Martin
  • Finding a mentor is probably one of the most important things you can do in business.  – Don Martin
  • (about mentoring) …is to have somebody that is by your side helping you to make really good quality decisions. The other part of that is that, if you have confidence in them and you submit to them and you allow them to hold you accountable, accountability probably is the most important thing that I can possibly tell you.  – Don Martin
  • (having annual strategy meetings with our mentors) “We’re going to do all of our fussing on purpose over all the things we’re going to be aggravated with about this year (in this protected environment)” – John Marsh
  • What are a few of the kind of things you would say?  “You know, these are things that really seem to fit into being a real estate investor or developer”?   – John Marsh
  • You have to be a person that is willing to put in the due diligence and really understand what you’re getting involved in and what the real estate industry or the business or the geography that you’re interested in is doing right now.
    • You need a system. You need a way to (consistently) evaluate properties.
    • Make sure that you have an agreement with people that you trust and that are advisors for you.
    • You got to do (buy) something because most people do all that analysis, and they never buy anything.  – Don Martin
  • (about whether or not to sell a property) “You taught me, Mr. Martin, that if I’m not selling (a property I can sell), (then) I’m buying. (that property for that price)” – John Marsh
  • You have to be where you are. Your presence, your thoughts, your actions, your feelings, and all those kind of things, when you’re around your family – Don Martin
  • (to Ash) “If there’s something you love and that shows you I love you, let me know, because that’s what I want to be doing.” – John Marsh
  • I think relationship probably is the most important thing that you can focus on when you are doing business with other people or if you’re leading a team. – Don Martin

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