Small Change allows everyday people to invest in real estate to change cities, with special guest Eve Picker

Today John sits down in Opelika with a world changer/powerhouse lady, Eve Picker. Eve’s world and work are wrapped around cities and change. She has launched – and leads – Small Change, a real estate equity crowdfunding portal to help fund transformational real estate projects. Small Change packages offerings for developers to help them build projects that make cities better, and provides investment opportunities for everyone who cares about cities and wants to see positive change.

With a background as an architect, city planner, urban designer, real estate developer, community development strategist, publisher, and instigator, Eve has a rich understanding of how cities and urban neighborhoods work – and how they can be revitalized.

Amongst her many urban (ad)ventures, Eve has developed a dozen buildings in blighted neighborhoods, launched a Pittsburgh-focused e-zine called Pop City, and founded and organized a speaker series, cityLIVE!, on city-centric issues. She has taught urban design and participated in Sustainable Design Assessment Teams for the American Institute of Architects in cities from Los Angeles to Springfield, Ohio, helping with urban design and to set a strategic course for downtowns and housing developments. Eve has strategized about how to encourage residential development of vacant upper floors in downtown Pittsburgh. And with cityLAB, she has instigated bottom-up projects like the “6% Place,” the “Garfield Night Market” and a “Tiny House.”

Insights & Inspirations

  • I sort of collected buildings like other women collects purses.  – Eve Picker
  • It’s a lot of a developer’s job or a city changer in some senses is to find the capital and to align it with what they want to do. – John Marsh
  • …to date, we’ve had people investing in our site with everything from $500 to $100,000. – Eve Picker

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