Transformation in the Marketplace with special guest William Norvell

Throughout the course of his career, William has spent over seven years in Private Equity and Investment Banking, along with over five years pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors. He has investment experience in technology, real estate, power, sports, and healthcare. He co-founded an adventure race company and two technology companies. He loves finding unique investment opportunities, working with people and helping them become the best version of themselves. For Sovereign’s Capital, William focuses primarily on investing in traditional businesses in the lower middle market, which also includes all of the Sovereign’s search fund investments. He founded the Faith and Work ministry at Reality SF and loves engaging in any conversation about how to make work more meaningful in the world. He received an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business and a BS in Finance, Summa Cum Laude, from the University of Alabama, where he was named a USA Today Academic All-American. William is married to a wonderful woman named Deb that continually challenges and refines him. They welcomed their first son Liam in 2018. William spends the majority of his time pulling for the Alabama Crimson Tide, coaching 7th-grade basketball and trying to figure out where he lost his golf swing.

Insights & Inspirations

  • I think every great season of my life started with meeting someone. And so did every bad one… – John Marsh
  • We (Sovereign Capital)  really believe transformation happens in the marketplace and we believe God meets people in the marketplace every day in their daily work. And if we can be a catalyst for that in some way, shape or form, that would be amazing. – William Norvell
  • (We thought) “Are there people who want to use their faith and to do good and do well when it relates to real estate investing and transforming communities? Is this just us?”  – John Marsh
  • If you’ve got a 50-year mindset, it changes everything about the companies you invest in or the communities you invest in. – John Marsh
  • We believe corporate chaplaincy and other things like that are really important. And we believe that it’s not just us. Every major sports team in the world, for the most part, has a corporate chaplain.- William Norvell

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