Five F’s Series – Fitness with Stanley Reid

Stanley Reid is the founder of Clean Cut Elite a training company that places specific interest on the overall improvement of a person’s physical capabilities. We believe that we have a strong responsibility for helping men, women, and children increase their physical performances throughout their daily activities. Over the years, we have been dedicated to helping individuals who struggle with weight loss, weight gain or sports performance deficiencies to reach their fitness goals.

Insights & Inspirations

  • Five F’s – faith, family, fun, fitness, and finance that I believe you need to measure so you can manage them. And as you manage them, then you get the benefit of them being multiplied.  – John Marsh
  • one of the most important things, as far as training is concerned, in my theory and philosophy is just building relationships first and foremost. – Stanley Reid
  • (You feel like a coach will be) This guy’s going to make me look like an idiot in front of a lot of people who are very fit in great clothing. – John Marsh
  • So it’s important for you to meet people on their level. And one of our terms I used to tell you this all the time, “John, we’re going to make you look good at what you’re really good at.” – Stanley Reid
  • The most important goal for us is to make all our clients look good at what they are really good at.   – Stanley Reid
  • You might hear me say this word, empathy, a lot throughout this meeting because I think as a professional (trainer)  it’s one of the hardest things for us to do. – Stanley Reid
  •  You can’t make that mistake (pushing people too hard)  in fitness, simply because you’re dealing with people’s bodies and they’re at such a fragile point to where it can be discouraging to them and then they could never come to the gym again.- Stanley Reid
  • Our vision, when we’re training new people is, when they get in that car to leave, we want them to be pulling out like, “Man, that was good.”- Stanley Reid
  • I know one thing, I was sitting my life away, and I did everything in my diet I knew to do, all these other things to try to get healthy, and I couldn’t get my numbers right. (before exercise)- John Marsh
  • But boy do I wish I would’ve known the benefits, not just the cost. The cost … we always say, “Well man, personal training’s expensive.” And I said, “It’s not what it costs you to do it, it’s what it costs you not to do it.”  – John Marsh
  • So when you first came in that was one of the things that we were just trying to get you to understand, that at the end of the day it’s all relative. Somebody who is in peak performance in their particular business, sometimes the scale gets a little one-sided and you’ve got to find that balance and put things back in its natural order. – Stanley Reid 
  • (A true) Coach is for you, not against you. – John Marsh
  •  If I would’ve known the benefits (of training), first just mental awareness and the fact it pushes depression back. – John Marsh
  •  It’s all science-based. I’m not a genius. I’m a heck of a coach I would say that. And it’s also about accountability, holding people accountable and raising the level of expectations when needed. – Stanley Reid 
  • I want to be there as much as I can because the pushups I don’t do can’t help me. – John Marsh
  • What you want to be, you want to surround yourself around individuals who are going to do the work, who understand the importance of being in a certain environment. And when you surround yourself around individuals like that, they make your life a little easier. – Stanley Reid
  • One of the things early on you said that I think people need to know and remember, is you told me, “Hey John, there’s going to be a day you don’t feel like coming. It’s going to be a day just everything’s against you. You got to come that day because that day is going to mean something.” – John Marsh
  • And I remember I said, “I’m never going to think the worst day does mean I can’t have my best  performance.” – John Marsh
  • There’s a lot of things that training with you has taught me. One thing is that time under tension is a powerful thing. I learned it for the muscles, that weight, that tension on your muscles makes a difference. And it started showing up in other areas of my life. I began to see the rest of my life differently. So I think it’s a master key to high performance.  – John Marsh
  • Stan and I talk about this, I asked him, “Are women tougher than men?” He said, “No question, what are you talking about?” – John Marsh
  • Think about as men, from the time you’re young what you think is, “I don’t want to look stupid. I don’t know what I’m going to do, but I don’t want to look stupid. I want to be cool.” – John Marsh
  • The boot camp kind of environment is interesting because it’s about 50 minutes of intentional movement in all different kinds of ways where you can have somebody who’s pretty new at it and somebody whose pretty seasoned at it all find a challenge  – John Marsh
  • The boot camps are more so structured in a 40/20 interval sequence, where it’s more so 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off. And in that time it’s just basically about movement, and building as much strength as you can. – Stanley Reid 
  • Speaking of that subject (husbands and wives in the gym). That topic right there, that’s a sensitive subject, a sensitive topic in most marriages. Either the man is working out or the wife is working out, and the significant other isn’t. And that’s just like a constant tension. – Stanley Reid 
  • Your finances (like muscles), because you’ll start realizing straining financially, is like straining muscles.  – John Marsh
  • One of the tricks (to not exercising is being deceived to the benefits), I think, the key to being deceived I you don’t know it.   – John Marsh
  • I think as coaches, it’s our responsibility to build you up, but remind you where you came from. Because sometimes you can forget that. – Stanley Reid 
  •  if the prize is clear, the price gets easier, if I know I want it.    – John Marsh
  • We don’t grow tired of hard work, we grow tired of meaningless work.  – John Marsh
  • So what that soreness is, it’s just rust. You haven’t been moving like this before. There’s no way to avoid that. There is no way to avoid it. You can manage it, but you can’t avoid it. – John Marsh
  • So I would think when you’re looking for a good coach, one who listens to you, one whose understanding, is meeting you where you are, who values relationship, and who knows exactly what he’s doing. After the workout, you’ll be able to determine that. – John Marsh

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  • The most important person that you need to be aware of or look into or take from, is the person that’s in front of you. – Stanley Reid

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