Faith and Redemption from Addiction with Brett Young

Brett Young has a powerful story of faith and redemption from Addiction and how he is now helping others find freedom as Executive Director of The Reprieve for Men, a program of Bradford Health Services. John and Brett share a conversation about addiction, faith, and the freedom that is possible.

Insights & Inspirations

  • I hear people say oh I lost this to alcohol, I lost this to drugs. I’ll be honest with you, John. I didn’t lose one thing. I gave absolutely everything I had to. I gave it to it. – Brett Young
  • Through false pride and the inability to be truthful with what was going on in my life. I continuously donated things to my addiction. – Brett Young
  • There’s only one truth that I really really believe in. Well, two truths I guess. One is the foundation of all those things, we’ve got to help your son develop spiritually. But the second one is the one guarantee I can give you of the approach that we take is that we’re going to love that son, that daughter at our women’s program, the way you’d want them loved. – Brett Young
  • And you didn’t get messed up in a day. You’re not going to get all dressed up in a day. If you’re going to find hope, give it half the amount of time you’re getting messed up at least. You have to take the time. – John Marsh
  • When I look back at my journey, what I saw was God put people in my life. Not necessarily facilities or different things like that. I wasn’t at the Taj Mahal. I was just in a place where obviously God was there because he kept introducing me to people. – Brett Young
  • One thing we know that this disease does is creates isolation. – Brett Young
  • If there’s hope in your future, there’s power in your present.  – John Marsh
  • Because boredom is definitely the enemy. But it’s not just boredom, it’s a lack of knowing what to do. It’s a lack of knowing how to interact.  – Brett Young
  • I really … and John, I been doing this for 10 years and I’ve never put data behind that. But I’ve watched and I’ve seen a lot of changes take place in those timeframes (90- 120 days) But I also know the statistics are definitely through the roof if you can keep somebody plugged in for a year.  – Brett Young
  • Years ago my sister came home when she was at the University of Georgia, and she’d got in a big fight with one of her professors about the big bang theory. And I’ll never forget this in my entire life, and I’m sure my father said this in a way more glorious way than I’m about to. But she was so concerned this professor was telling her there was no Christ, there’s no God, this big bang theory it exploded. And my father simply said to her, he said, “Every explosion I’ve ever seen, anything I’ve ever seen like that, there was always a fuse that created the explosion. I just happen to believe that Christ, that God, lit the fuse. And the rest of it may be all happened the way it happened. I live by that, all the time. I’m just trying to light the fuse. That’s all I’m trying. If I can get that fuse lit, my God’s way bigger than me and he’ll show up for him. Just got to get the fire burning.” – Brett Young
  • when we find those gifts and passions, then our skills and abilities show up because that’s what God gave us. – Brett Young
  • When we find our purpose, we find the energy and passion to do it. – John Marsh
  • (Of an addicted love one) There are so many symptoms. The big ones, for myself and a lot that I still here, the absentee kids, the absentee loved ones. The ones that are always tardy. No matter what time you set, they can’t make it on time. The ones that just will not show up. You can’t figure out. It’s almost the ones that have a black cloud over them that you can just this is the unluckiest person ever. That’s really not ever true. Nobody’s just that unlucky. – Brett Young
  • Look, here’s the truth. We’ll call 75 car lots to buy an automobile. But when it comes to treatment we call the first one because we don’t know what to do. Call them, talk to them, see what they tell you. This investment’s far greater than a sedan. – Brett Young
  • There used to be an old saying is we will not work harder than an alcoholic. We won’t work harder than an addict. I promise you that’s what we’re going to do. – Brett Young

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