Tips for health like Humming to make you less stressed with Dr. Ryan McWhorter

Dr. McWhorter is the owner of Alabama Functional Medicine in Montgomery, Ala. After graduating with honors from Auburn University at Montgomery, he received his medical education at the University of Alabama School of Medicine at Birmingham (UAB), graduating in 1994. In medical school, he was awarded the G. Gayle Stephens Award for Excellence in Communication and the Mutual Assurance Award for Excellence in Family Medicine.

Insights & Inspirations

  • So instead of a seven-minute visit, we want a 45-minute visit is ideal for me then we can really cover the things that really impact health because it’s not a test or just a new medicine, it’s why do I need the medicine?  – Dr. Ryan McWhorter
  • The longer you live, the more you smoke, the more you’re stressed, the more you don’t sleep, those types of things are going to make your body consume all those things quicker, and so you’re just at higher risk. – Dr. Ryan McWhorter
  • So the best way I know to get rid of high cortisol issues and to get good sleep is to go outdoors. It’s truly amazing the effect of going outdoors.  – Dr. Ryan McWhorter
  • I’m telling you, an hour outdoors is magic for sleep quality. In fact, you really want to get it 14 to 16 hours before you want to go to bed because then you’re… The back of your eye has receptors, little receptors for sunlight and they’re just waiting for true sunlight. Not light bulb light and not light that came through a glass window where it was blocked, but true sunlight, when you’re exposed to it, never look at the sun. That’s stupid. – Dr. Ryan McWhorter
  •  “Do you have a vision that’s as clear as your fear?” – John Marsh
  •  I’ll remind you that the least toxic person had 600 chemicals in their bloodstream, testable chemicals. – Dr. Ryan McWhorter
  •  They’ve shown that the side you carry your phone on is the side of the hip you’ll likely break when you fall. For example, much more likely there are actually differences in hip.- Dr. Ryan McWhorter
  • … good sex leads to great sleep, great sleep leads to high hormones, and hormones are an endangered species in our bodies, they’re really running low. And you can raise them, they can really get higher. .- Dr. Ryan McWhorter
  • The research actually shows if you have a fight, a really good fuss over something, you will impair your immune system for, I think it said three days. .- Dr. Ryan McWhorter
  • You know, when I read the Blue Zones, that freaked me out the most was the importance of connectedness, and this is not what we’re doing now, so it’s interesting. We were all socially connected digitally, but we weren’t necessarily close to our neighbors. .- Dr. Ryan McWhorter
  • So hit the reset button, apologies, look at each other in the face, and talk about things that are bothering you, but do it when you’re not heated, and just both sides really listen and ask questions on the questions and just really repeat what you think they said. Those marriage tips we hear in these sessions, but they’re just huge. – Dr. Ryan McWhorter
  • “What could I do to show you I love you that I’m not currently doing?” – John Marsh
  • “What does your daddy do that when he does it, you feel the most love?”  (question for kids) – John Marsh
  • When you change your gut, you change everything we’ve ever talked about. High blood pressure, diabetes, your risk for this virus. .- Dr. Ryan McWhorter
  •  You can look at the specifics of what you are growing. You can do a test and that’s through Viome, V-I-O-M-E. And we run a lot of those to see because it’ll give you the foods to eat to feed the good guys.  .- Dr. Ryan McWhorter

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