Hospitality as a Tool in the Multifamily Amenities Arms Race with Trevor Hightower

Trevor Hightower is the president, and chief development officer of Craftwork.  Craftwork partners with the largest multifamily landlords in commercial real estate to design and service the next generation of apartment building – one that integrates the experience created through the highest vision of Craft-Coffee and Co-working.

Insights & Inspirations

  • The element of that experience that residents really long for is feeling connected and being seen where they live. – Trevor Hightower
  • But one of the things that we hear often from our owner partners is all owners in multifamily development are in the amenities arms race.  – Trevor Hightower
  • So the owners that we’re privileged to talk to are trying to see a different way and hopefully a better way to differentiate their asset. That’s primarily through the experience of the building and creating an experience of living in a building that truly is differentiated from their competitive set so that they don’t necessarily need to reinvest – Trevor Hightower
  • What our target is and what the owner’s target is, overtime we have the objective measurements of increase occupancy, increased retention.  – Trevor Hightower
  •  I love your amenity arms race idea. I would say that it seems like, when somebody puts a swimming pool and a rock wall, the next guy says well I’m putting two swimming pools and two rock walls. – John Marsh
  • So for us, that’s a long obedience in the same direction. – Trevor Hightower
  • Really, from the first time that they walk in, this new perspective resident has this really differentiated experience with the building.  – Trevor Hightower
  • The definition of hospitality by Ashely Marsh, “It’s I thought of you before you got here.” 
  • So the coffee bar is open to the public. The portion of the lobby that we are in during our operating hours is open to non-residents and residents alike. Our primary end user, a majority of our interactions as you might imagine, are the residents – Trevor Hightower
  • Well, I would say on the what doesn’t work category, I think that’s … For co-working, if you ever lose sight of the end user, you’re in trouble. – Trevor Hightower
  •  For us, we say the downtowns that are curated, with sophisticated real estate development and also with love we call them irreplaceable real estate.  – John Marsh
  • We attract the people who build these things for love’s sake. – John Marsh

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